Istanbul, Turkey

October 13th-16th, 2023

About IVF 2.0

We are thrilled to invite you to the second edition of the International Volunteer Forum 2023 in the captivating city of Istanbul, Turkey! Join us for an extraordinary four-day event from October 13th to 16th, 2023, where passionate volunteers, inspirational speakers, and Change-makers from around the globe will come together to create a wave of positive impact.

Celebrating Volunteerism and Driving Positive Change in Istanbul, Turkey

The IVF 2.0 is a global platform that celebrates the power of volunteerism and its ability to drive positive change in our communities and beyond. This year, we are expanding the horizons, exploring new frontiers, and engaging with even more like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to making a difference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives
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What to expect at IVF 2.0?

Engaging Keynote Speeches
Be inspired by influential thought leaders who will share their insights and experiences, igniting your passion for volunteerism and community development.

Interactive Workshops
Dive into interactive sessions led by experts in their fields, equipping you with practical tools and strategies to make a meaningful difference in communities.

Panel Discussions
Participate in thought-provoking discussions where panelists will explore key challenges, innovative solutions, and emerging trends in volunteerism, fostering collaborative thinking and sharing of best practices.
Networking Opportunities
Connect with like-minded individuals, forge valuable partnerships, and build a global network of Change-makers who are committed to making a lasting impact.

Community Engagement
Get involved in hands-on community projects and initiatives, working side by side with local organizations and volunteers to create tangible positive change in Istanbul.

Cultural Experiences
IVF 2.0 will take place in heart of Istanbul, a city renowned for its unique blend of East and West. The venue boasts state-of-the-art facilities, providing the perfect setting for engaging discussions, immersive workshops, and memorable experiences.


We offer 2 different categories to amplify your voice at IVF 2.0

Self Funded

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Fully Funded

Apply for a Fully Funded Opportunity. Result will be out on September 10, 2023

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FAQs about International Volunteer Forum 2023

The IVF 2.0 is an influential gathering that convenes passionate individuals, organizations, policymakers, and thought leaders from around the globe to explore innovative approaches to volunteerism, advocate for policy changes, and amplify the impact of volunteer action on the SDGs. Through engaging keynote presentations, interactive workshops, insightful panel discussions, and networking opportunities, the conference offers a unique platform for learning, collaboration, and inspiration.

IVF 2.0 is a global stage to explore the vital role of volunteerism in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through effective advocacy and policy initiatives. Attendees will get to understand the crucial role of volunteerism in achieving the SDGs and explore the diverse ways in which volunteers can contribute to key areas such as poverty eradication, climate action, gender equality, and quality education. Delegates will also get to learn policy and legal frameworks for volunteerism, grassroots advocacy and community engagement and much more.

Registrations will only be taking place on our website. You just have to fill in your contact information, answer some questions carefully in the scholarship section, agree to the terms & conditions & pay the application fee.

There are two categories one can apply.

If you are looking forward to availing of the fully funded opportunity, you should consider applying for a Fully Funded Delegate. Results for the Fully Funded Delegate will be out on September 10, 2023.

If you want to secure your spot for the HISA Youth Dialogue right now, you should apply as a Self-Funded Delegate. HISA will allow only 30 individuals to get themselves registered as Self-Funded Delegates to attend the IVF 2.0. It is on a first-come-first-service basis.


The application fee applies to be considered as a Fully Funded Delegate is $12.5 only, which is non-refundable & non-transferable.

Any student, professional, social or health worker, volunteer, and young leader from any background can apply.

An applicant would have to pay $650 in order to secure his/her place at the INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER FORUM 2.0. Upon paying $650, a self-funded delegate would get an invitation/visa support letter, dialogue merchandise, 4-star shared accommodation in Istanbul, meals during the whole event, airport transfers, and much more.

Selection for the Fully Funded Delegates purely depends on the quality of the application a participant would submit. In the scholarship section, we have asked several questions and provided the opportunity to submit as much information as we can. The more information you provide us, the better your chances for the selection. However, self-funded will get confirmation on the spot.

Our team at HISA will issue Visa Support letters to all the confirmed participants. But if in any misfortune scenario, a candidate couldn’t attend the forum we will refund the money back to the Self-Funded Delegates only based on our Refund Policy.

IELTS/TOEFL certifications are not required for participation in INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER FORUM 2.0.

Registration for the Fully Funded delegate category has ended, but you can still secure your spot by registering as a Self-Funded delegate for IVF 2.0

This forum provides an occasion to share my experience and it was a great opportunity to listen and learn from others. I was very touched by the stories of the other delegates and the guest speakers. It helped me to look at life through different lens. Together we could connect communities and build cross-disciplinary dialogue. Thanks again for IVF 2022 by the HISA for providing such an amazing and international platform.

This forum brought together volunteers and professionals from all over the world. I had the opportunity to meet people from some countries for the first time and learn about their cultures. Although four days passed very quickly, we learned much about essential topics from excellent presenters such as policymaking, diversity, equity and inclusion, and the protection of volunteers. Through listening to each other’s various volunteer experiences, we are even more aware of the value of volunteering for our community and personal development, which gave us an extra boost to continue volunteering and feel the excitement through every activity we do.

I was very impressed with the forum. The organizers did a great job of bringing in a diverse group of speakers who represented a range of organizations and causes. The lectures were also well-organized and provided valuable information and resources for those looking to get involved in volunteer work.

Overall, I would highly recommend HISA volunteer forum to anyone looking to get involved in their community and make a positive impact. It was a well-organized and inspiring event that left me feeling motivated and ready to get out there and make a difference.

The IVF 2022 was an incredible opportunity for which I am very grateful, I got to meet some amazing people from all over the world that shared the same passion for volunteering and also were as eager as I to learn and expand their horizons. This experience provided me with amazing insight on the work others are doing in their local community and how I can learn from them while at the same time I forged meaningful bonds that could become the foundation of long lasting friendships and pave the way for future collaborations.

IVF 2022 was very insightful and enjoyable. The sessions that took at the forum place were really informative and I will be taking what I’ve learnt with me into my future endeavors. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are keen on making a difference in the world was truly inspiring and made for an unforgettable experience!

The 2022 International Volunteer Forum was a wonderful experience. I was fascinated to see the passion of the other participants to share their experience and their work, to be heard and to defend their values. The activity corresponded exactly to allowing everyone to feel in their place, to feel important and valued. The Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance Planners aimed high with this program and they succeeded. I commend their leadership and their confidence in us. We are the young people of tomorrow, we are not waiting to be called upon in existing action plans, but we are already acting in our communities with and without support because we are aware of our responsibility to make this world a better place. We are committed to helping our loved ones, our communities and to allowing the future generation to be more reassured. I feel very honored to have been a fellow of this forum.

The IVF’22 was absolutely an impactful event organized by the HISA. It provided an opportunity to collaborate and deliberate on an international level. With progressive personalities invited as speakers, it was inspiring to listen and learn. My peers were an example of significant youth participation and the agenda definitely reflected upon possible betterments and that the time is now.

Had it not been for platforms like the IVF, we would never have the chance to listen to unheralded stories beyond our national border, and to realize these struggles have been recognized and already addressed by leaders at their 20s and 30s. While already having my small stories in the little town in Vietnam to be shared in the largest city in Turkey, I am deeply inspired and reminded by the action of my passionate fellows to not set a limit on my own capability to contribute to the lives of those unprivileged all over the world.